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Life in Sapporo


Basically Japanese languages schools would help you to find your accommodation. Some Japanese language schools arrange rented accommodation, or offer dormitories. If you want to find your accommodation by yourself, some real-estate companies offer services for foreigners. In Sapporo, it is expected to cost from 25.000 yen to 50,000 yen (from 200 dollars to 400 dollars) per month to live in rented accommodation.


If you contract an internet provider, it will cost around 4,000 yen (about 30 dollars) per month. Sapporo City wifi can be used in some public spaces including stations and parks.

Inner-city traffic

To go to the central district from suburbs, there are several transportation systems including trains, subways and buses. Kitaca and SAPICA are IC cards which can be used for these transportation systems. In central district, tram and city center 100 yen bus also can be used. When SAPICA is used for bus, subway, and tram, 10% of fare becomes points to discount next time.

inter city traffic

(Subway Route Map, City of Sapporo,viewed 2016)

Part-time job

There are a lot of part time jobs in Sapporo. For example retail shops, café and restaurants always require a lot of temporary workers. If you have your student visa and the permission to work, you can work until 28 hours per week.


It is cold and snows a lot in winter. However, it doesn’t matter because there is enough preparation to live in winter in Sapporo. Firstly, it is so warm in buildings because all buildings including private residences are equipped with heating appliances in Sapporo. Secondly, underground has been developed and subway and underground city can be used to prevent snow and cold. Thirdly, there are many road heating systems in downtown and it is easy to walk on it.  

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