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Why is it better to study Japanese in Sapporo?

Low cost of mastering Japanese

You can save money to master Japanese, compared with Tokyo. Generally, it costs much to study foreign languages abroad, and the total cost includes school expense, housing expense, food expense, transportation expense and so on. Especially, school expenses and housing expenses account for the largest proportion of total costs. As a whole, school expenses and housing expenses in Sapporo are lower than other major cities. As a result, it costs lower to master Japanese in Sapporo than that of Tokyo.

Ideal condition for learning Japanese

To master Japanese, Sapporo has ideal condition. Firstly, the Japanese spoken by local people in Sapporo is almost same as standard Japanese. You don’t have to worry about acquiring dialect. Secondly, it doesn’t take much time to commute schools. Many of Japanese language schools are located in the center of the city, and you can live near the central district without expensive costs. So you can commute in a short time without high rent fee. Thirdly, you can spare more time to study. As previously noted, living cost in Sapporo is relatively low. It means you don’t have to work for part time job so much. Thus, you can spare more time to study.

Comfortable life environment

It is comfortable to live in Sapporo. Firstly, people in Sapporo are friendly and open-minded. As Sapporo is a new city which has been developed since the 19th century, most of the local people came from other various regions relatively recently. They have become generous to outsiders because they were also outsiders until recently. Secondly, the townscape of Sapporo is tidy and beautiful. The city is developed like a checkerboard pattern and it is easy to understand the geography. Buildings in Sapporo are slightly different from these of other regions in Japan. It is said that Sapporo looks like a city in western countries. Thirdly, there is rich nature environment around the city. Odori Park in the city center is famous as the venue of Snow festival. Moerenuma Park located in a suburb of Sapporo was built based on Isamu Noguchi’s design and is so vast.

Good access of the city

In the city, there are various transportation systems. You can use a train, bus, municipal electric railway and subway in the city. As the central area is not so large, a bicycle is also one of the effective means of transportation.

Sapporo also has good access between other cities. There are many flights between many Asian cities from New Chitose Airport which is near from Sapporo. Some of the flights are offered by LCC and they can be used at popular prices.

Plenty choices of universities

One of choices after acquirement of Japanese is to go to university. In Sapporo, there are 17 universities including Hokkaido University, and about 47,000 university students including more than 1,800 foreign students. It means you can stay in Sapporo if you become to like the city after Japanese language school while you can choose a college in other regions, of course.

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