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What is Sapporo?


Sapporo is the fifth largest city in Japan with a population of about two millions. This city is the prefectural capital of Hokkaido. Famous Sapporo Snow Festival is held here.



There are four seasons in Sapporo. In spring, it is warm and pleasant. In summer, it is relatively cool. There is no rainy season. In autumn, it is getting chilly gradually. In winter, it is cold and snows a lot. In February, Sapporo snow festival is held. Throughout the year, it isn’t humid because of low temperature and it is clement.


According to “Local brand survey 2015”, Sapporo is the second most attractive city in Japan. The survey also ranked Hokkaido as the most attractive prefecture. In 2015, the night view of Sapporo was awarded as the second most beautiful in Japan by “Night view summit 2015 in Kobe”.


Since 13th century, Ainu, a native population, has lived in the area of Sapporo. In 18th century, the Edo period, Matsumae Domain traded with Ainu in the area of Sapporo. In 19th century, after the Meiji restoration, Hokkaido Development Commissioner was established, and the urban construction of Sapporo started. In 20th century, Sapporo has developed in smooth progress and 1972 winter Olympic game was held in Sapporo. 


In Sapporo, tertiary industry has developed such as healthcare industry, restaurant business and lodging industry. The tourism industry has also developed, and the number of tourist from oversea has increased rapidly. The city authority encouraged IT, bio contents industries, and Sapporo has been identified as a media art city by UNESCO.

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