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How to choose an area to live

My Housing is in Shiroishi ward which has many studio apartments for one person. I chose this area because the market of house rent in this area is relatively low, compared with other areas in Sapporo. The reason why the house rent in Shiroishi ward is low is that it is said that the ground in Shiroishi ward is weak and it is vulnerable to disasters like tsunami and earthquake. However, it has nothing to do about daily life unless these disasters happen. Thus, I chose this area and live here comfortably.

For comparison, one of the most expensive areas in Sapporo is Maruyama district. In this area, there are many attractive institution including fabulous restaurants and cozy cafes. Rich people have large residences in this area.

Atsubetsu ward has Shin-Sapporo station which has a large bus terminal and connects JR Hakodate line, Chitose line and Subway Tozai line. In Sapporo, this station is relatevely near from Shin-Chitose airport. Big shopping malls are next to this station, and this area is popular among young people.

The areas I mentioned are a few of recommended areas. In any case, every area in Sapporo is generally safe in terms of security.

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