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How to use “Schools in Sapporo”

One of the most popular pages in this website is “Schools in Sapporo”. This page introduces several Japanese language schools. Each school provides courses which have different features. Thus, the ways of the applications are also different from each other.

“Application”: You can apply to the school directly through this page. Usually, these schools provide short term course and skype courses. If a visa is necessary, applicants must secure their own visa. Many students of these schools stay in Japan in short term or have already lived in Japan. In cases of skype courses, students might live in their own countries.

“Pre-application”: Mainly, it is used by the schools providing long term courses. At first, it requires only your basic information like mail address. After that, you will be noticed the process to enroll in the school. Based on this process, you might need to post additional documents to the school. Usually, your visa will be arranged by the school.

“Contact”: You can’t apply to the school directly through this page, but you can ask anything including how to enroll in its courses.

If you have any questions about it, please let us know.

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