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Daiso is a 100 yen shop of a chain store. Billions of items are sold at 100 yen mostly. This chain has 3,000 shops in Japan and 1,500 shops in other 26 countries. Its headquarters is in Hiroshima prefecture. In Sapporo, there are several shops in the downtown and suburbs.

The main items are daily commodities, but other items are also sold in Daiso. I often go to the shops to buy office supplies. Regardless of its low price, the quality of items is not so bad. I am still using cups and dish which I bought in Daiso several years ago. When I moved to new accommodation, I needed many items such knife and brush. Thus, I bought most of the needed items in Daiso and could save much money.

I think that Daiso is quite convenient for international students living in Japan temporary. If it is necessary to buy something, it is better to look for it in Daiso at first. In addition, souvenirs can be bought here, too. When you give them somebody, it might be better not to tell where you bought them.

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