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Students learning Japanese language in overseas

Japanese language education means teaching Japanese to people whose first languages aren’t Japanese. The number of its learners in overseas is 3,651,715 (The Japan Foundation 2016), which are much more than those in Japan, 191,753 (Agency for Cultural Affairs 2015). The learners of Japanese language are taught by 64,041 teachers at 16,167 institutions in 137 countries. The largest number of learners is in China and the learners are 953,283, followed by 745,125 of Indonesia and 556,237 of Korea (The Japan Foundation 2016). From the view of education stage, 1,673,563 of all learners belong to secondary education and 1,008,240 learners belong to high education. Other learners belong to primary education or other than school education and so on (The Japan Foundation 2016).

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