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When studying abroad, it is quite helpful if we can have meals quickly with low price. Matsuya is one of the major fast-food chains in Japan. The main menu of this restaurant is “Gyumeshi” which means beef rice bowl. This chain started from Tokyo and now there are 1,045 shops in all over Japan and a few shops in U.S.A and China.

When you go to one of its shops, you will firstly select your menu from a display and buy its ticket from a vending machine. Then you get a seat as you want and hand the ticket to the clerk. Within few minutes, they will serve your menu. By the way, its seats are suitable for only eating, rather than taking a rest. Its message seems quite simple. "Eat, or leave!"

Matsuya serves not only Gyumeshi but also other bowl menus, and curry rice. Prices of many menus are so reasonable. For example, regular size Gyumeshi costs only 290 Japanese yen which equals about 2.5 us dollars. My favorite menu is “Asa teisyoku” which means morning meals. I can enjoy 6 or 7 dishes with less than 500 yen. Although it is not suitable for dating, the prices and tastes are so attractive.

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