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Voice of foreign students: culture

Last time, I introduced the voices of foreign students in Sapporo from the view of studying. Generally speaking, they came to Sapporo to study specific fields. This time, I will introduce their voices in terms of culture.

One of the students says that the city is clean and nature is beautiful, and the people are friendly for foreigners. Another student said that the language spoken in Sapporo is almost same as the standard language while living cost is cheaper than that of Tokyo, thus it is attractive as a destination to study the language. While it is said that Sapporo isn’t bustling so much, there are some places of amusement. In connection with it, it is also said that it is also said that Sapporo is a good place to study, but isn’t the best to play.

Overall, it is said that Sapporo is quite suitable for studying. In addition, it is suitable to study for not only high education but also fundamental language skill. I want to let more people know about it. By the way, a student said that the buildings are closer to European or Russian style than Japanese style, compared with those of the main island in Japan. This suggests that this city can accept diversity.

Source: City of Sapporo 2015, Survey on attracting foreign students, viewed 8 March 2017, <>

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