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Sapporo city jazz

March 21, 2017

Sapporo city jazz (SCJ) is one of the biggest jazz festivals in Japan. SCJ has been held every summer since 2007. About 400 artists and 150,000 audiences come to the festival. The main venues are Odori Park and Sapporo art park. Some of the jazz live are free.


Actually, the scale of this event is smaller than Sapporo Snow festival or Yosakoi Soran festival. Still, it has been growing bigger year by year. As a sightseeing city, Sapporo always requires such event all through the year. Thus, many local companies, broadcast stations, and public sectors support this event.


I watched a live broadcast of this event about the history on YouTube. This program was broadcasted from a bookstore in the downtown for the publicity.  Although there was some congestion on the internet, it was a good occasion to listen to some Jazz music. Next time, I want to know the Jazz history of Sapporo, with stress less Internet environment.


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